Farewell Friends

The Happy Emporium will be closing it's online store next month (July 2017). It was a hard decision to make but ultimately one that had to be made. 

We've had an amazing run but all good things have a beginning and an end. Last year we discovered that Dan has Multiple Sclerosis. And whilst it's not the only reason we're withdrawing from direct retail - his diagnosis made us reevaluate our lifestyle and where we'd like to focus our energy moving forward.

We are so proud of what we've achieved and the relationships we created with our brands, partners and our customers. You all brought a life and heart to the emporium and have been the most rewarding aspect of everything we do.

There is no tragedy in closing the store. No terrible ending. We're just grateful we did it and excited for what is around the corner for The Happy Emporium.

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❤️ Michelle & Dan

P.S Dan is doing bloody awesome thanks to a combo of plant-based diet, exercise, stress reduction, meditation and a banana gangsta attitude ✌️