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Are you a burgeoning fashion blogger? An amateur home stylist? Perhaps your friends have crowned you selfie queen? Either way it could be about to pay off! Every month we're giving a lucky customer one thousand HappyPoints®. To enter simply share a photo with the world that shows how you styled your purchase. Enter or view all entries via our dedicated facebook app


Things to consider before you share...

  • You can enter as many times as you like but each of your photos must be recognisably different in order to be accepted as individual entries (we'll use our discretion). 
  • Your photo must clearly showcase an item that YOU purchased from The Happy Emporium (not your mum or your friend unless it was a gift or you are helping them enter via their own social media account).
  • Keep it clean. We want you to flaunt your purchase and your beautiful face but not in a "who's your daddy" raunchy way. We will ban users who we deem to be sharing inappropriate material.
  • This contest doesn't have an end date so once you enter you'll have monthly chances to win forever. Have you added that dress to your cart yet?
  • You can read the official terms and conditions here.
  • Have fun! We love seeing our customers enjoying their Happy Emporium shopping and our customers love seeing our products in real life (win win)!

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